Why I decided to use Rodan + Fields Skincare Products

Rodan + Fields Preferred Customer

In June 2017 I became a preferred customer (PC) with Rodan + Fields. My neighbor is a consultant, a dermatologist, and has beautiful skin! So I was talking to her to get her professional opinion about skincare products. She stated that she recommends Rodan + Fields over everything! Coming from a dermatologist, to me, is a huge endorsement.

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Consultation and using other Products

So I took the consultation and the doctor’s recommended that I begin with the Redefine Regimen. This was not surprising to me because of what my skin was like and my age. I ordered my first regimen and began using the products. I absolutely LOVED how my skin looked and felt after the first application. Because I had other skincare products that I did not want to throw away, I was not exclusively using Rodan + Fields at this time. I mean, who enjoys spending money on items just to throw them away? I may as well withdraw some cash from the ATM and just throw it in the trash! At least that’s how I feel about throwing items away that I purchase.

I am FRUGAL when it comes to buying things, and┬árefuse to pay retail. I use coupons, discounts, clearance, sales, cash-back websites, and more to avoid paying retail. Anyway, that is why I won’t just throw something away when it is still able to be used, and why I was mixing skincare products. I’m sure some of you are already waving your finger at me thinking, “how dare you mix skincare product lines!” Lol.

So yeah…. here’s what eventually happened by doing just that!

What Happened?

On November 15, 2017 I had used a skincare product on my face. (It was not Rodan + Fields). My face got so red, itchy, and dry it wasn’t even funny. I realized I was having an allergic reaction to what I used, and happened to be attending a Wednesday evening service at the time. I monitored myself to make sure my tongue wasn’t swelling or that my throat wasn’t closing off; but we did leave as soon as service was over so I could go home and take a couple of Benadryl.

Even though the itchiness for the most part disappeared the next day, my face was still red and dry for DAYS. So bad, that I hated having to leave the house to go anywhere because I looked terrible. My facial skin also felt significantly different as well. It wasn’t smooth and soft like it had been. I had even mentioned that to my husband because I thought it was strange, and definitely not normal for me. The feeling of my face is difficult to explain, but it was noticeably different. Hopefully you understand what I’m trying to say ­čÖé

Since my facial skin was so dry, I was applying Vaseline aloe gel to my face multiple times per day. It significantly helps with sunburns (even though my face was not sunburned), so I thought that maybe it would help my face. Even the aloe and moisture in that would not moisturizer my face. No matter what I did, my face continued to be red, dry, and weird feeling.

The Fix!

After about a week of dealing with this issue, I decided to use my Rodan + Fields redefine skincare regimen. I kid you not, that after the cleanse and moisturizer application, my face felt smooth and soft again. Nothing had been able to put the moisture back into my facial skin! Because Rodan + Fields was able to make my facial skin immediately better after just one application, I decided at that time, that I would exclusively ONLY use Rodan + Fields skincare products here on out.

Redefine Results

Rodan + Fields Consultant

This is also why I decided to become a consultant yesterday (November 26, 2017).

When a product fixes an issue this fast, when nothing else could, of course I’m going to stand behind the product(s) and recommend them to my friends and family!

Everyone has skin. Everyone washes their face (if you don’t, well…. you should be). Most people, to some extent, care a little about how their face looks. Rodan + Fields has different skincare regimens because our skin is not a one-size fits all organ. Each person has a skin type, and that does not mean that your skin type will be the same as my skin type; therefore we would need a different regimen. Some people have oily skin, dry skin, acne, normal skin, dark spots, sun spots, dark circles, and more.

Rodan + Fields Regimens

Rodan + Fields has 4 different regimens. To find out which regimen is best for you, do a consultation here. Make sure to answer all five questions and input your email address at the end. This way, your results will be emailed to you, so that when you want to get started, you have the doctors recommendation at your fingertips.

All Regimens and Lash Boost

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