Wellness Advocate Benefits

Wellness Advocate Benefits

There are many benefits you may receive when becoming a wellness advocate. Not only do you receive 25% off your orders, there is no auto-ship or pushing you to sell; unless of course if you want to. When I first began, I did not intend to sell, nor did I order every single month. It wasn’t until I learned about the Loyalty Rewards Program (more info below) that I began ordering monthly. Each year on your sign up anniversary, you receive a FREE bottle of Peppermint essential oil as well! As an example, it is pictured below, and you may also see the retail value, which is what a regular customer would pay for the item. If you sign up to be a Wellness Advocate, you will automatically receive 25% off of all items when you order. For example, Peppermint Essential Oil retails for $27.33, and is a very popular oil. If you were a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, you would only pay $20.50 for the oil, which is a savings of $6.83 for just this one oil.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Not only do you receive 25% off of all orders, but there are many more wellness advocate benefits as well.

  1. No Auto-Ships – You do not have to order every month. You order only when you want to.
  2. No Quotas – You do not have to sell anything. You only sell if you want to make this a business.
  3. No Fees – You get a back office and your own personal website for free. There is a paid back office, but unless you have a ton of advocates in your down-line, it is unnecessary.
  4. Free Training – You will get free training and be able to join our Facebook group with additional information and the ability to ask questions.
  5. Me – You will always be able to talk to me, or ask me questions, or get whatever help you need. I do not just disappear and leave you hanging.
  6. Free Oils – Each year on your sign-up anniversary, you receive a 15 ml. bottle of Peppermint essential oil for FREE.

Loyalty Rewards Program Wellness Advocate Benefits

There are many more doTERRA Wellness Advocate benefits depending on how far you want to take your business. If you are interested in making a full-time income with doTERRA and earning FREE product, then check out this post about our LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program). Thankfully, I was taught about LRP shortly after I became a wellness advocate. The reason being, I was able to build my personal stock quicker, and earn a lot of free products and rewards each month. After doing this for one year, I was earning the top reward possible!

How I Use Essential Oils

I personally use essential oils for cleaning, cooking, sickness, purifying, wellness, hygiene, and more. I have environmental allergies and if my eyes even begin to itch, I take a TriEase Softgel. The softgel is made with lavender, peppermint, and lemon essential oil. These also happen to be the top three essential oils that are sold together because of the multitude of uses each provide. I use a roller ball with lavender and vetiver on the bottoms of my feet if I want a peaceful night of sleep. I make my own foaming hand soap using castile soap, fractionated coconut oil (FCO), and essential oils that also disinfect (lemon, onguard, oregano, cinnamon, etc.). I also make my own disinfecting all-purpose cleaners. When anyone in my family is sick, coughing, earache, etc., I use essential oils on them topically to help with whatever ailment they are experiencing. The most common ailment is a back to school cough, in which I use FCO, Breathe, and Frankincense mixed together and rubbed on the chest and back. My husband gets migraines, and I make him a blend in a roller ball for easy use. I only use doTERRA toothpaste because I know there are zero nasty chemicals in it. I diffuse essential oils throughout my home to purify the air and of course help my home smell good! This is a small example of how I use essential oils in my home every single day. Please sign up here if you want to save money on making your family healthier, the safe, chemical-free way!

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