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Healthy Eating

So I have been into healthy eating for a good part of my life. I’m a woman, so what do you expect? Like most women, I want to be fit, healthy, and look great in my clothes. I do not do this for anyone except myself. My husband is very happy with the way I look by the way. He tells me how beautiful I am all the time. I am blessed to have such an amazing husband who does not care if I get fat or stay thin, or am somewhere in between. Honestly, no man should care, although we all know everyone has a preference and likes different body types. I consider myself average, but am always working to be fit and lean. I do this by eating healthy and exercising.

When it comes to healthy eating, there are so many choices. You could hire a chef that is known for cooking healthy meals; you could cook healthy meals yourself; or you could order from one of those healthy home food delivery services. If you would like my personal favorite (review to be out shortly), send me a message in the meantime. I have tried about 7 home food delivery services, and I have one favorite that has perfect portions, no waste, and delicious healthy recipes that are very easy to make. One I tried that was different than the rest is called Hungry Root.

Hungry Root

Hungry Root sends you wholesome vegetable dishes that take about 10 minutes to prepare, with the ingredients either pre-cooked or already prepared for you. For example, one such dish I had received was called sweet potato noodles with creamy cashew alfredo sauce. You have the option to order a protein with it, but I chose not to. Anyway, I received the sauce already made (I just had to heat it up), and the sweet potato noodles already prepared for me. I just had to cook the noodles with olive oil in a pan, and then add the sauce to heat. Let me tell you, this was so delicious! However, it is expensive, as one serving of this cost $9. I can go buy a sweet potato for maybe $1, and make my own sauce, so I do not personally see myself ordering from Hungry Root often because of the expense. So what do I do instead to continue getting healthy meals like this? Well, I purchased a Paderno Vegetable Spiralizer and make my own noodles!

Paderno Vegetable Spiralizer

I received my vegetable spiralizer yesterday, and used it less than an hour ago to make my first dish. I had a sweet potato that I had been wanting to use, so I tested this bad boy out to see just how well it would work. This comes with 3 different blades so you can choose the thickness of your noodle, and it also comes with a blade that slices. After I set it up, read the directions, and tested it out, here are the results.


The vegetable spiralizer works wonderfully! I could not be happier with the results. Here is another picture of the spiraled sweet potato noodles.


Here is an even better close-up.


Do these not look fabulous? I cannot tell you enough how impressed I am with this kitchen tool.

Clean Eating

I love eating clean and I absolutely love vegetables. A few years ago I began making spaghetti using spaghetti squash instead of starchy pasta noodles. Not only is the dish more healthy, but it tastes amazing as well. Since then, I have been continuing to eat healthy and eat clean, and this vegetable spiralizer is going to increase this goal for me tenfold. Well worth the investment.

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