My Ultimate Reset Journey

Workout Programs & Nutritional Programs

I am definitely completing a lot of programs from my beloved beachbody store. I have done at least five workout programs, and three different healthy eating and nutrition programs. The last nutrition program I completed was the 3 Day Refresh. If you would like to read about my results from those three days, click here. The healthy eating nutritional program I am currently on, is the Ultimate Reset.

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About Ultimate Reset

The Ultimate Reset¬†is a 21 day program, divided into a week for each phase. The first week, or phase 1, is called reclaim. This is a transition week for your body because you will gradually remove dairy and red meat from your diet. The second week, or phase 2, is called release. This phase cleanses and detoxifies your body, specifically your colon and digestive system. This will help your body ‘run’ better overall. At this time, you are also eating a full vegan diet. The final week, or phase 3, is called restore. During restore, your body returns to running at maximum efficiency, and nutrients, enzymes, and probiotics are put back into your body.

What comes with Ultimate Reset

The Ultimate Reset comes with everything you need to get started, except for the groceries. You will receive a pretty box filled with all of the nutrients and supplements¬†you’ll be using throughout the program, a recipe book that explains everything about the program, as well as telling you every single day what you will be eating – so there is no guess work. You will also receive a pretty bracelet with a carrying caddy. Most importantly, you will receive support from myself, as well as others that have done, or are currently doing the Ultimate Reset themselves.

beachbody ultimate reset

My current results

Currently, I have been doing the ultimate reset for 9 days. In these 9 days, I have lost 4 inches around my body and 3 pounds! I still have 12 whole days left in the program, and am more than sure I will lose even more weight and inches around my body. So far, I have really enjoyed all of the food and recipes, except for one. I do not like tempeh! I am sucking it up though, and eating it anyway because I want to follow the program to a tee. If I didn’t follow the program exactly, it would be a disservice to myself. So if you are going to do an exercise program, or healthy eating program, do yourself a favor and follow it exactly. You get the most benefits that way, and the best results!

Are you ready to join me and thousands of others doing this program?

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