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If you are like me, you love cooking and baking. I absolutely enjoy cooking and baking, and thankfully I have the time to do so. When you are cooking (or baking) there are certain kitchen items that I consider must-haves, such as a veggie spiralizer, mandoline, bear claws, and more. Each of these items that I am recommending I personally own and use- which is why I am recommending them. For example, my household has gone through more than a few coffee makers; so when I recommend the Ninja Coffee Bar, it is because it really is the best! Check out my recommended kitchen items below!

I will consistently update this page as I think of more items that are relevant and make our lives easier in the kitchen. If you have any items that you’d recommend that are not already listed, please send me an email, as I would love to try something new that makes my life easier in the kitchen 🙂

Recommended Kitchen Items

Paderno World Cuisine Vegetable Spiral Slicer

I personally have the Paderno Pro 4-blade Slicer, which is the 2nd picture. The ONLY difference between the 3-blade slicer and the 4-blade slicer is the additional slicing blade that the 4-blade slicer comes with. I use mine to spiralize sweet potatoes, potatoes, zucchinis, and squash. I don’t use regular pasta, so I use this to make ‘pasta’ out of yummy veggies. Check out my post here where I use this tool.

Primo Digital Kitchen Scale

This is the EXACT digital kitchen scale that I have in my home. I use it frequently! When I order ground beef from Zaycon Fresh, I need to divide the 10 lb. tubes into 1 lb. blocks in order to freeze. This makes grabbing the 1 lb. blocks extremely easy; plus they thaw much easier!

Progressive Mandoline Slicer

I use my mandoline slicer frequently as well. I buy fresh fruits and veggies and prefer to slice and dice them myself. I do not buy pre-cut apples, sliced carrots, etc. If you go to a grocery store, check out the price difference for pre-sliced items verses their whole counterparts. The pre-sliced cost is much more because you are paying for convenience.

Ninja Coffee Bar Coffee Maker

Once again, we have this exact coffee maker on our counter! We love our ninja coffee maker. We do have the stainless steel pot though and not the glass pot.

Herb Scissors with 5 Blades

I use these herb scissors when I add fresh herbs to my meals. This is much more convenient and easier than slicing herbs with a knife.

The Original Bear Claw Shredder

Unfortunately I was unable to grab an image from amazon for the bear claw shredder, but let me tell you- these work amazingly! We have owned these for over a year and they work wonders every time I need to shred chicken, pork, or pot roast. I would definitely add these to your kitchen if you make recipes that need shredded meats.

Food Strainer Set

These food strainers are highly rated and have the comfort grips which are nice. I do own these, but they are in the process of being shipped to me this very moment. I will update this page once I receive them and use them.

Silicon Baking Mats

If you have never tried silicon baking mats, then I highly recommend you try these now! They work so well and are very easy to clean after using. Do you enjoy scrubbing the cooked/baked gunk off of baking pans? I certainly do not. There’s something about the silicon mats to where the baked gunk doesn’t even form on them, so there is no need to really scrub these either, as the gunk slides right off. There are plenty of different silicon baking mats available, but I really like these. Check out this post where I use silicon baking mats.

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