Outdoor Elliptical Bike

As you know, we sold our beach house last October. We were renting for six months until we got our new home (it was being built) and that ended up not working out. With everything that has happened, we finally moved down to Georgia, without a place of our own to live. We have been here for just over a month now, with all of our belongings in various storage units. Without thinking everything through, I packed up all of my workout equipment, videos, etc. My husband and I were under the impression that we would somehow be getting a place of our own soon after moving. That did not happen, so we have been staying with family. Currently we are staying with my husband’s mom, and they just happen to live in a neighborhood with a cul-de-sac. She also has exercise equipment that I have been able to use. I had gone a month without working out, because there was just nowhere to do so, as well as not having my workout items. This morning was my third day working out using an outdoor elliptical bike.

Outdoor Elliptical Bike

outdoor elliptical bike

I have been so bummed with not being able to workout. I also ended up not being able to complete the Master’s Hammer & Chisel workout program because of our move. Sometimes life really just throws curve balls at you, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to change the circumstances. I swear I will begin and finish Hammer & Chisel one day! Anyway, since we are in a neighborhood, I began speed walking and using the outdoor elliptical bike. The outdoor elliptical bike is definitely a great workout and a bike I had never used or seen before. You know those stationary elliptical’s you are able to use at a gym? The outdoor elliptical bike is exactly the same, except it moves. You use the same arm and foot motion as if you were on a stationary elliptical.

I have felt so good getting back into working out. Once you begin exercising, it really is hard to stop… and I mean that in that I felt really bad when I was unable to exercise. I am at a point in my life where I NEED to exercise. Exercising is a hobby for me, as well as a stress reliever. It just makes me feel so much better when I get to exercise. Another reason I must exercise is that even though I was watching what I eat, I still gained weight this past month. My jeans are tighter and I feel huge!

Yes, I am a fitness and health coach, but even I get off track like anybody else. The only difference is that I am doing something about it instead of just letting myself go because of our current situation. I have been drinking my shakeology everyday because of the health benefits it provides, and because one week last year when I quit drinking it on vacation, I felt so tired and sluggish and realized I needed shakeology in my diet! As well as beginning to exercise again three days ago, I also began using my shakeology as a meal replacement three days ago.

I am kick-starting a brand new me! I will not let our situation ruin my health and fitness. Whose ready to join me?

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