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Have you ever heard of the ooma telephone? I heard about it for the very first time in January 2015 when I was in Washington visiting my dad. Prior to that date, we had a regular home phone that we were paying $29.99 a month for, not including taxes and fees. To me, that is pretty expensive for a home phone. When I was told that with the ooma, I’d be paying less than $5 a month for home telephone service, I had to check it out!

What is it?

ooma telephone

The ooma is a device (pictured above) that connects through your internet service in order to give you home telephone service. It comes with all of the necessary cables, including a power adapter, and setup instructions. Once plugged in and turned on, you are ready to receive phone calls through your ooma. Did I mention that you are able to connect your physical home phone to it? We personally have four wireless handsets, and one home unit. Our home unit is connected to the ooma since it has to be plugged in anyway. The wireless handsets do not have to be plugged in. When the phone rings, it rings the actual handsets. Our home phone set is an AT&T phone, so it is nothing we purchased directly from ooma, although you have that option.

ooma setup


The ooma has the same features that you would find with any other home phone service, including features you may not find anywhere else. Some of the features include call-waiting, call-forwarding, voicemail, FREE unlimited nationwide calling, a second phone number, caller ID, black-listing (blocking numbers), it’s portable, PureVoice HD technology, and more advanced features are available depending on your personal preferences.

ooma suite features

Phone Number Porting

Since we had a previous home phone number with Charter, we were able to have our phone number ported to the ooma so that we could keep the same one. With the purchase of the ooma, we were also able to get a second phone number completely free. Yes, you read that right, we have two phone numbers that ring the same phone! This makes it very easy to have a personal home phone number and a business phone number. We give one number out to family and friends, and another number (which has a completely different area code by the way) to people for business purposes; like my beachbody coach and wellness advocate businesses.


ooma exclusive offer

Initially you do have to buy the ooma device which is currently $99.99 on sale down from $129.99. After that, it belongs to you. Unlike with typical home phone services, you do not have to give any of the modems or parts back to your service provider, or get new phone numbers when you change service providers. You are able to take the ooma to any home you may own or rent in the future, all while keeping the same phone number(s) throughout.

I haven’t even told you the best part… I only pay $4.84 a month for my telephone service. The $4.84/month that I pay isn’t even for telephone service; it is a federal tax that everyone pays no matter what. So the price may actually vary depending on where you live.

Are you ready to save $$ on your home telephone service?

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