A One Size Diet Does Not Fit All

Diets, Fads, or Lifestyle Changes

Everywhere you look there is some sort of diet! Online, tv commercials, newspaper ads, and of course all over social media. Yes, I realize social media is online, but it’s just SO HUGE! It really has got to be the largest networking platform ever. I’ll admit, when I see a diet, I’m slightly interested until I see what it really entails and deciphers if it’s something that would actually work, or just a bogus fad.

I have been a beachbody fitness coach for a few years now. I began using the workouts before being a coach was even an option. Not an option for me, but there were literally no coaches because it was not a direct sales type of business. You can still go on tv and watch the beachbody infomercials! Since that takes sales away from us coaches, I wish beachbody would pull the infomercials and let us coaches do our jobs. Anyway… as I said, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon beachbody before it was even a ‘thing’. I liked the products, used them, and that is why being a coach was the obvious way to go. I still do the beachbody workouts, but I also do old-school workouts as well. You gotta mix it up and do something your body isn’t expecting so that you continue to get results.

As I continue to grow in knowledge nutritionally, I try different ways of eating. These really aren’t ‘diets’, but lifestyle changes. If you want a healthy body, you have to nourish it properly. That means watching what you put in your mouth! McDonald’s french fries might taste good, but are they really good for you? No, they are not! As I have stated before, I have pretty much been into eating healthy most of my life. I’m definitely more healthy now than I was back then, and that is because I have more knowledge.


Growing up I used to drink a coca-cola a few times a week if that. Until I was a teenager I think, we were not allowed to drink pop. Even when we were allowed to drink it, it just wasn’t something I had to have on a daily basis; it was more of a rare treat. We were always told that if you drank pop it would rot your stomach. What can I say? I believed what I was told. It never bothered me that I couldn’t drink pop everyday, and quite frankly I’m glad I never got addicted to it. I see too many people trying to diet or eat healthy, but they just have too hard of a time giving up the soda. It’s crazy that I have it memorized, but one can of coca-cola has 39 grams of sugar in it. Whoa! That amount right there surpasses the amount that we should be eating/drinking each day. Just imagine all of the other food you are eating and what you are drinking. The added sugar in everything each day adds up quickly. So you really gotta be careful. That is why America is so obese overall. We add sugar to everything and then wonder why we have the issues we have.

Moving on.

Clean-eating and Carbohydrates

In 2016 I began researching and began eating clean. I eliminated sugar (sometimes there is some added, but that is rare for me now) and a lot of carbs. I know, not all carbs are bad, but some are, that is just the reality. There are good carbs and our body needs carbs for energy. In case you didn’t know fruits and vegetables are carbs. Like myself, you learn something new everyday. Think about that for a second, that fruits and vegetables are carbs. So now when you are trying to figure out what your body needs, choose good carbs (fruits and veggies) instead of bad carbs -bread, rice, pasta, etc. It’s funny, but if you recall the food pyramid from grade school, it shows vegetables, fruits, grains, and breads as completely separate groups. If you’re eating one item from each of those groups each meal, you are consuming way too many carbs! That’s our problem right there. Because we see those items as completely separate food groups, we are led to believe we need to be eating all of those at the same time. The fact is, you shouldn’t be eating an item from each of those groups at every meal. It’s way too many carbs! Hopefully you understand what a carb is, and are able to see what is a good carb and what is a bad carb.

One size fits all diet

Clean-eating only

I had done some research and wanted help to get started. So I signed up with a well known self-made person that was all about eating clean and would help you lose weight. This person happened to be taught by another, more famous self-made clean-eating advocate that pretty much guaranteed weight loss by eating clean as well. So I signed up for the 30 day class expecting to learn more than I already knew, and to lose weight. Let me tell you, that definitely did not happen! The reason it didn’t happen is because this person gave all of us the same pre-made eating plan with the same portions, saying that as long as we were eating healthy and eliminated sugar, we would lose weight. Don’t worry about the portions, they are good for everyone. Umm, no the portions are not the same for everyone. I am short and I am small, but I am not at my ideal weight. Because I know that a person’s diet needs to reflect their size and activity level, I questioned this person. The food plan was not formulated for me to help me lose weight. It was not personalized in any shape or form. It was a one-size fits all way of eating. She was not happy that I questioned her and did everything in her power to not give me my refund. I’m sorry that your one-size fits all meal plan wasn’t right for me. I asked how to figure out what I needed to do to make it right for me, and she did not have a response to that. I did not stuff myself or overeat, as I quit eating when I’m full. Plenty of times I could not eat everything in a given meal as well. But all she continued to do was throw clean-eating recipes down our throats. I love recipes and I love cooking, but that in no way shape or form helps me lose weight.

So what did I do?

I finally got my refund and decided that it would be better to get the ‘training’ straight from the source (the person that trained her). The person that trained the previous lady is well known and famous!

This famous person also advocated a clean-eating lifestyle and was for the very first time offering a fat-loss course. Well I thought, that’s perfect for me! I have some fat I’d like to lose. I signed up and began the course. It seemed great, I was learning stuff and given new workouts, which I love.  As I stated above you need to keep your body guessing. If you continually do the same workout, after awhile you will no longer get results because you’re not challenging yourself.

Moving forward, after a month I had not lost any weight. At this time, we were given meal plans and told to eliminate sugar (which I had already been doing) and a list of what to eat and what not to eat. If we ate this, then we could not eat this for the rest of the day; or if we didn’t eat that, we could eat more of this each day. She also told us that we needed to be eating 1 gram of protein as per our individual body weight per day if we were exercising. So I upped my protein during this fat loss course.

Guess what that did to me? It caused me to have kidney problems!

Kidney problems

I began seeing a doctor and my blood work was bad for 3 items (all related to kidney function) and I even had to have a kidney ultrasound. During this time I quit eating as much protein and my kidney function returned to normal after a couple of months thank goodness. It’s sad that this famous person that has all of these certifications would tell us women to eat that much protein. My cousin who is NASM certified told me that as a woman, our kidneys cannot handle more than 15 grams of protein at once. This famous person should have known better and told us that if we were going to be eating that much protein, to eat only this much per meal or snack because this could happen if you eat 25 grams at once (which is the amount per serving in the protein powder she recommends).

Famous does not equal Knowledgeable

Getting back to my 1 month mark with her and not having lost any weight, I questioned her in the closed group that was created for us. She asked me to share my food diary and I did. She didn’t even look at it because she came back with well you are not fasting for 12 hours each night, you’re counting calories and you shouldn’t be, you’re doing this and doing that, etc. Writing down what I eat and drink is not counting calories. I don’t know about you, but a food diary entails what you eat and drink and what time you ate/drank said food. Is what I know happened, she for some reason thought my times were calories. I use military time, so if I ate dinner at 6 pm, I would write 1800. So I know she was looking at my time and assumed that was calories. If she added all of my times up, she would have seen that that would have been like 4000+ calories per day. Really!?! I’m over here trying to lose weight and I’m eating 4000+ calories a day. Give me a break! That right there should have been a clue that the numbers in my food diary were times and not calories. I even replied back that fact. Now that you see I had the time I ate written in my food diary, you would have also seen that I had an average fast per night of 14 hours. So when she said I wasn’t fasting for at least 12 hours per night, that was also complete BS. By this point, I’m livid. I’m doing EVERYTHING she said we needed to do and sitting here asking for help. I got no help. She actually kicked me out of the course and didn’t even have the decency to tell me herself. She had her husband send me an email! What a joke!

The problem with this famous person is that again, it was a one-size fits all way of eating. I was asking for specifics in my post that got me kicked out of the course. I wanted to know how do I figure out what I should be eating based on my body weight, my activity, and my goal. (That was actually my exact question in the group, and not once did she or any of her little minions give an answer). There’s a formula, and if we are not given the formula, then we will not be successful. She straight up even said do not count calories. I didn’t, not once. But the thing is, based on her recipes and meal plans, was I consuming 1000 calories a day or 2000 calories a day? I don’t know. but if it was the latter, then no wonder I didn’t lose any weight. I know for a fact that 2000 calories a day for me is way too much!

Quite honestly, I don’t know how this person, or the one before made the businesses they did out of eating clean. Clean eating is not for everyone. My weight was maintained from when I started eating clean, but I never lost any weight. Maybe I didn’t ask the right questions, maybe they really didn’t want to share how to actually lose weight. Because if you don’t lose weight but are under the impression that something is good, then you’ll keep buying their product in hopes of losing the weight. Therefore you’re making them more money!

Hmmm. Did I just figure out their secret?

Keto eating

Today is day 2 on the keto way of eating. Even though I just started, I have a feeling that this will actually work for me. Know why? Because it is PERSONALIZED and based on MY weight, MY height, and MY goal weight! How about that.

The exact questions I was asking from the two self-made ladies; how do I personalize this for me? How do I figure out for me what and how much I should be eating? What a concept!

THAT is exactly why a one size diet does not fit all! It doesn’t take into account an individual’s weight, height, or goal weight.

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