Moving Fiasco


Have you ever had plans to move and set everything up, and then it just completely fails? That is exactly what happened to us – an utter and complete moving fiasco! We had even gotten a post office box set up in order to have our mail forwarded, and our daughter enrolled in preschool. Now we are almost 3 hours from our post office box, and will not be near the preschool at all. Life certainly has a way of throwing curve balls at you. Here I am thinking I’m doing the responsible thing by having a place to receive mail, and getting our daughter enrolled in school, as well as other things we had done in preparation of our move.

Our 5 pets are currently in a pet resort and will be there for the foreseeable future as well. Thank goodness the owner of the pet resort will not be charging us full price due to our unfortunate circumstances. We have seen our pets once since they’ve been there because we needed to get them more food, and we missed them of course!

All of our belongings are spread between North Carolina and Georgia in 4 different storage units! We packed like we were going on a short vacation, and hardly have any clothes or anything else with us. Our whole situation right now is completely messed up. To top it off, we were staying with family whom said we could stay for a few weeks or longer until we figured things out – but that didn’t work out as planned! The lady (of course I won’t mention names) of the house began making comments that we need to find a place to rent, while at the same time saying the kids won’t be displaced. So the kids can stay, but Michael and I have to leave…. Suffice to say we immediately packed up what we did have with us and hightailed it to a hotel!

After spending 5 nights in a hotel room, we finally made it down to Michael’s sister’s place, where we were welcomed with open arms. This is where we’ll be for a couple of months until we figure out what we’re going to do. Thank God there is still some family in this world that has no problem letting you crash! I do understand that there are people that would be against family staying with them for a few months; but when we offer to pay you $500 a month to stay, plus buying our own food, how is staying for a couple of months really going to hurt you? We would let family stay with us for a few months if they needed to. When times get hard, you truly see who is worthy of being in your family.

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