How to use Essential Oils when Your Family is Sick

The Sickness

Yesterday my nephew and brother in law began feeling sick with stomach aches and fever. In the middle of the night, my other nephew got sick and began throwing up all over! I have a feeling this is the same stomach bug that was going around in February that got both of my children, my husband, and myself sick. It was a terrible week we previously went through, and I sure hope we don’t get sick again. I don’t know about you, but I still cry when I throw up, and have ever since I was a child.

I’m hoping we’re immune to this bug and won’t catch it again, but I won’t hold my breath, as my stomach is already feeling weak. I can handle getting sick, but when my children are sick, it breaks my heart. They get so upset because they don’t really know what’s happening or how to control it.

Essential Oils

Using Essential Oils

I would love nothing more than to diffuse some essential oils right now, but they are all in storage! Diffusing essential oils that have a disinfecting property, such as lemon, oregano, or on guard, really help clean and purify the air. It is also safe to use essential oils topically to help get rid of sickness and feel better. My go-to essential oil for use topically is breathe. I mix a few drops of breathe with fractionated coconut oil and rub it on the chest and back. I also make my own cleaners using the same disinfecting oils mentioned above, which not only do a better job cleaning, but are safer because they are chemical free.

However many days this house is filled with sickness, is going to teach me to always have some (if not all) of my essential oils with me wherever I go, no matter how short or long of a stay is intended.

Please keep my family and the family we’re staying with in your prayers so that this sickness goes away and stays away for good!

Thank you 🙂

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