How to Save on Gas using Grocery Store Loyalty Cards

The Issue with Gas Prices

Even though gas has significantly decreased over the past year, it doesn’t mean that we should take the current gas prices for granted. At one time the gas prices were approximately $1.29 per gallon, and they suddenly raised to $4 per gallon, and even surpassed that price in some states. I remember being so upset about the gas prices that I threatened to not go into work because it cost too much to drive. Obviously I went to work anyway because I had a mortgage payment, a car payment, and other bills that could not be ignored. I did however change the way I drove in order to not waste gas. I did not go out unless I had a purpose, and I also combined trips so that I would get more done in one trip, instead of 2 or 3 trips. I also learned how to save on gas using grocery store loyalty cards.

After about a year or two of continuous high priced gas, we ended up trading in one of our vehicles for a hybrid. We got a Toyota Camry Hybrid because it was larger than the Prius, and we’d still get amazing gas mileage. We average 36 miles per gallon, and on longer trips 40+ miles per gallon. In 2015 we also ended up trading in our SUV for a Toyota Highlander Hybrid in order to save on gas even more. We had some other personal reasons as to why we needed to save on our auto payment and on the amount we were spending on gas. We have been very happy with both of our hybrids!

How to Save on Gas using Grocery Store Loyalty Cards

There are grocery stores in every single state that either have their own gas stations, or they partner with a brand of gas stations. To get started, you would get a loyalty card from said grocery store. Every time you go grocery shopping you get your loyalty card scanned, and it will add points to the card. The amount of points you get, depends on the amount of money spent. Sometimes grocery stores will have a sale that if you buy a certain amount of a product, you get an additional 5 to 10 cents off of gas. The typically gas rewards is between 5 and 10 cents off per gallon, per $100 spent in the grocery store. It does vary, so please don’t quote me on an exact amount, because I have gotten both deals from different grocery stores.

Gas rewards do expire, so I would urge you to keep your latest receipt showing your gas rewards so that you may keep track of the reward amount, and the expiration date. Make sure to use your gas rewards since you earned them; if you don’t, you’re throwing money away! Even if you only save 50 cents off of one tank of gas, it adds up.

My Personal Loyalty Card Usage

imageWant to know my personal best reward? At a grocery store here in Georgia, I get 5 cents off per gallon for every $50 spent in the grocery store. This grocery store happens to partner with the Shell gas station across the street from it. We also have a Shell credit card to use at Shell gas stations for an extra 5 cents off per gallon, which is given back to you each month in the form of statement credit. Since the gas station happened to be a Shell, we got to use two different rewards to save on gas; One being the gas rewards from the grocery store, and the second being the rewards from using the credit card. In total, we saved $1 per gallon on gas today!!

The price per gallon was $1.99. We only paid $1.04 at the pump by using 95 cents off per gallon from the grocery store rewards I had saved up. Over the next month, I’ll receive a statement credit of 65 cents for the additional 5 cents off per gallon from using my Shell credit card.

I would highly recommend that you find a grocery store that has a loyalty program, specifically a gas rewards program. Everyone has to buy groceries so you may as well save money on gas using grocery store loyalty cards since you have to drive to the grocery store anyway! If you coupon like I do, then using a loyalty card is dual-purpose.


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