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Almost 3 months ago I wrote a post on 3 different home food delivery services. If you would like to read that post, click here. In that post I reviewed Sun Basket, Blue Apron, and Green Chef. Since that time I have tried Hungry Root and Home Chef. If you would like to see what my previous recommendation was, click here. I will say, that I have not ordered from the one I recommended in the previous post since then.  My husband and I have found one that we both love, and I have continued to order exclusively from them.

Now to introduce the absolute best home food delivery service yet…..

Home Chef

The very first time we ordered from Home Chef was on September 2, 2016. Since that time, I have placed 4 additional orders, for a total of 16 different meals. All 16 meals were delicious, and can easily be repeated in my own kitchen with store bought ingredients. The first time you order from Home Chef, you receive this free binder to neatly keep all of your recipe cards in. Each recipe card is a full-size sheet with the ingredients, pictures, and picture directions on both sides. Each recipe card also already has holes in it to easily place in your binder.


Recipe Categories

Like the other home food delivery services, there are many options for the type of recipes you prefer with Home Chef. You are able to select from vegetarian, dairy free, soy free, nut free, gluten free, low calorie, low calorie and low carb, and low carb. There are other categories as well broken down by protein type, favorites, etc. With this list alone, you can see how they cater to just about every type of meal preference.

Weekly Recipes

Every week that we have ordered from Home Chef, we get a chicken meal, a steak meal, and a pork or vegan meal. At least once we have gotten two steak meals, and another time 2 chicken meals. Home Chef typically has 13 different meals to select from. Unlike other home food delivery services that maybe offer 5-6 selections.

Weekly Cost

The cost varies depending on what you personally order. If you select a basic plan (which you will not be stuck in), it cost $59.70 each week. That is $9.95 per serving. If you choose to order smoothies and seasonal fruit, those are only $4.95 per serving. If you ordered 2 meals, and one meal of seasonal fruits, your weekly cost would be $49.70. Even if you select a 2-person, 3-meal plan a week for $59.70 (which is the plan we get), you can order more or less than that. For example, one week there were so many great meals, that I ordered 4 meals instead of my typical 3. I only paid $49.60 for these 4 meals because of a referral bonus I received (you receive a bonus for each person you refer, so please use my link to get 50% off your first order, then give someone your link for 50% off their first order and you too will receive a referral bonus).


If you read my previous post (which I highly recommend), you would see that Home Chef is actually cheaper than the other 3 I reviewed. I was pleasantly surprised and happy about that since Home Chef is the one we chose to keep using.

Food Quality and Taste

The quality of food received is top notch. The ingredients are fresh and perfectly portioned. You receive fresh cuts of the meats (if you eat meat) as well. The longest cook time has been 40 minutes, which is nothing for me, and includes prepping the ingredients. Both my husband and I have enjoyed all 16 meals that we have received from Home Chef. There has been no waste or extra ‘fancy’ items that you make, and then end up not using. Some of the other home food delivery services were bad about that, and I do not like wasting food, or making unnecessary items.

Recipe Replication

Every recipe was extremely easy to make and can be replicated in your own kitchen with ingredients you buy from a grocery store. I have made the maple-roasted sweet potato and farro bowl on my own, and it was super easy to do. Additionally, the ingredient measurements are included on the recipe card, unlike other home food delivery services. These are pre-measured for you, so you do not have to measure the ingredients that are sent to you from Home Chef. The measurements are nice though so that you can make a dish again on your own.


Using the same scale I used from my previous post, I would give Home Chef a 5 out of 5. I highly recommend this company over every other one we have tried. Again we have tried Green Chef, Sun Basket, Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Hungry Root, and another one that was so terrible I don’t even recall the name (but would recognize it if I see it)! Keep in mind Home Chef costs the least, but has the highest quality of food and best overall meals. My second recommendation would be Sun Basket, although they are pricey at $74 per week.

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