Frankincense essential oil FREE in December!


I cannot believe that in the month of December you can get a FREE 15 ml. bottle of Frankincense essential oil! Frankincense is a $93 per bottle oil, and very valued. Who wouldn’t love Frankincense with all its amazing uses! Did you know that the oil, Frankincense, was given to baby Jesus by one of the Three Wise Men? The reason Frankincense was given to Jesus as a gift is because it is a Holy Oil and is good for almost everything when it comes to the ways it can be used.

Frankincense Uses

  • On wounds
  • On insect bites
  • Used to elevate mood
  • Used on stretch marks
  • Anointing oil
  • Used on wrinkles
  • Used as a moisturizer
  • Used for an immunity boost


How to get Frankincense Free

Anyone is able to take advantage of this amazing offer. If you have never purchased with doTERRA before, that is perfectly fine. Just place an order with a starter kit worth 200 PV or more, and then you will be sent Frankincense (a $93 value) absolutely FREE! If you have purchased from doTERRA before, same thing, just place an order worth 200 PV or more. Simple right?

I personally took advantage of this offer because this is one of the few oils that has so many different uses. There are other essential oils that have many uses, but Frankincense is a ‘catch-all’. For instance, if you did not know what to use for an ailment, just use Frankincense because you could not go wrong. I take a drop of Frankincense under my tongue daily, as it is good on a cellular level as well.


I have personally been using essential oils for about 2 1/2 years. I first began using essential oils just to make my own cleaning products, disinfectants, bug spray, and to diffuse to make my home smell really good. As time went on, I learned how to use them to help me sleep (which I use all the time), for head and neck tension, mild to extreme discomfort (for my husband), to help with environmental threats, or when the children or I are feeling under the weather. I use certain blends to help with these many symptoms, and much much more! I have gotten to the point to where I use essential oils every…. single…. day. Did you know that I do not wear perfume? Nope, never. I used to wear body spray because perfume is way too strong for my nose. My absolute favorite thing to wear (as a perfume) is Whisper. That’s right, there’s an oil for that!

So if you have been on the fence, or just to take advantage of this spectacular offer, now is the time. Spend $200, and get a $93 bottle of oil absolutely free. Now that’s a deal! If you know me, then you know I love me some deals 🙂

Go here, to order.

Click here to check out Frankincense’s product info.

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