Fitness Tracking

Fitness tracking

How do you keep track of your fitness goals? How do you keep track of your overall fitness? Do you use an app, a device, a watch, or use old-fashioned pen and paper? Did you know that certain smart phones have fitness tracking integrated into the settings? If you have an iPhone, chances are you have the Health app already on your phone. The Health app allows you to keep track of numerous activities and medical information. For example, you are able to keep track of your body measurements, fitness, nutrition, vitals (such as blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature), sleep, and reproductive health. When you open your app, you will be able to set it up the way you like, so that your dashboard will fit your needs. I have my dashboard showing steps, walking + running distance, and flights of stairs climbed. Those items are what I personally want to keep track of, and see when I first open up the app.

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Health app setup

Once you have set up your dashboard and other settings within the health app, you have to allow the app to keep track of your fitness. You do this by going into your phone settings and selecting privacy. Once you are in the privacy settings, go to motion and fitness. From here, you are able to choose to turn on fitness tracking and health, which are two different options. I personally have both options turned on so that I may keep track of items that apply to me. Remember, this is only for the iPhone. There might be something similar in other brands, but I do not have that information.

Using the health app

Once your iPhone health app is completely set up, you are ready to begin tracking your daily progress. It did not occur to me before today to use this app for my speed walk workouts. I have been missing my fit-bit (it’s in storage) because I was curious to know how many steps I was taking and the distance I was actually walking. Luckily this morning I remembered what the health app does, and took it with me on my workout. I ended up taking 3,562 steps and speed-walking a distance of 1.71 miles, which is 4 loops around the neighborhood. Normally I was walking 3 loops, so I was thrilled that I was speed-walking at least a mile each day I did this particular workout.

fitness tracking

Just know that there are plenty of fitness tracking devices and apps to help you reach your fitness goals. Perhaps you learned today that you already have one on your very own smart phone and didn’t even know it! Now you don’t have to wait to buy a device to track your fitness, and you could begin your fitness journey today! No excuses to not work on your fitness.

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