Fitness Goals Determine Workout Needs

Fitness Goals

fitness goals

I read an article from Shape magazine about fitness goals and workout needs. Your workout needs are determined by your personal fitness goals. Workouts range from cardio, strength training, to interval training.

If your goal is to lose weight you need to do high-intensity interval training (HIIT) 3 times a week. You also need to do strength training once a week.

If your goal is to look more toned, then you need to do strength training twice a week. You also need to do cardio or HIIT twice a week.

If your goal is to stay healthy, or where you are currently at, then do cardio twice a week. Add strength training in at least once a week.

Exercise is a great way to stay fit and look good. However, you still need to change your eating habits to be healthy. Have you researched how healthy Shakeology really is? If you have not, then please do so! I was a skeptic for years myself. Now I am not because I actually looked into it instead of just scoffing at it. When I began drinking Shakeology, I noticed a difference while I stopped on vacation.

Additionally, the 21 day fix eating plan which I’ve been following since this past summer is great for portion control and for ensuring you are eating from ALL of the food groups and getting everything your body needs to be healthy.

What is more important? Being healthy now and taking care of yourself? Or doing what you want now and having to pay for it later in life with doctors bills and inevitable sickness?

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