First time being hunkered down for a Tornado Warning

tornado-1193184_960_720This is not the first time I’ve been near, or around a tornado. It is however, the first time I’ve had knowledge of one, and had to grab the kids and hunker down until it passed. A very long time ago, when I was about two years old and lived in Tennessee, I was outside in a kiddy pool – of course this is second hand knowledge. The sky suddenly got dark and a tornado touched down, so my mother got me inside to wait it out. Not really a big deal since I don’t remember it. I’m sure it would’ve been scary though in that very moment.

We used to live in North Carolina, and there have been tornado watches and warnings, but I have never been in the direct path of a warning. Down here in south Georgia, there have been a few storms the past couple of weeks, in which today resulted in a tornado warning. We had a watch for a little bit, then suddenly all of our phones began beeping with a warning! I kind of freaked out, threw my tablet down, and immediately grabbed the kids and headed to the hallway, all while yelling “tornado warning, there’s a tornado”.

The rest of our family joined, grabbed their kids, and grabbed a couple of mattresses to put over the kids if need-be. We closed all the doors and waited it out while keeping a watch on the radar from our smart phones. The storm went over us, and fortunately a tornado did not hit us, or come anywhere near us. Apparently tornadoes are common in Georgia, so we have this to look forward to since we’re settling here.

Even though I may have freaked out a little bit at first, I knew what to do and didn’t hesitate to get my children in a safe place!

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