doTERRA August 2017 Specials

August 2017 Specials

I know I am late writing this post, but at least there is still time to get these deals! This month only, you get 10% off of both PB Assist Jr, and a2z chewables for kids. I personally give my children a2z chewables, and have for about a year now. PB Assist Jr retails for $32.67, and a2z chewables retail for $26.00. Receiving both of these items for 10% off is a great deal, but what if you could get 25% off of these doTERRA products? Click here to find out how!

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august 2017 specialsa2z Chewables

I have been giving my children the a2z chewables since they each turned 4 and 3 years old respectively. I currently have a 5 year old daughter, and a 4 year old son. The directions state to give children 2 chewables at age 4, but at age 3, I was giving them 1 chewable. When my son turned 4, then he began getting 2 chewables as per the directions on the bottle. I like the a2z chewables because they get chewed, and not swallowed, and the kids don’t mind the taste either which makes it easy for them to take. Everyday, especially if we forget on occasion, they have no problems reminding us that they need their vitamins!

Click here to learn more about a2z chewables.

PB Assist Jr

PB Assist Jr is a probiotic powder that includes 5 million live cells with over 6 strains of ‘healthy’ bacteria. In our guts, as well as our children’s guts, there is already ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria. We all want to have good digestive health, and PB Assist Jr does that for our children by giving them more of the ‘healthy’ bacteria. Not only does this help with digestive health, but PB Assist Jr also helps with immune health.

Luckily my children eat a lot of yogurt, so they are already getting ‘healthy’ bacteria in their diets. If they did not eat yogurt, then I would definitely supplement with PB Assist Jr. If one day they begin having suspected digestive issues, then I would go this route before putting them on any sort of medication.

Click here to learn more about PB Assist Jr.

Well, that’s it for your August 2017 specials!

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