Crocheted Dishcloths Follow-up

If you read my previous post about the first crocheted dishcloths I made, then you will appreciate this post as well. I definitely made some mistakes with my first crocheted dishcloth. Not only did I do the stitch completely wrong throughout the whole piece, but I also could not keep it the same width vertically. In looking at the design and how unshapely the dishcloth ended up, I was able to see that it did not turn out the way it was supposed to. No harm in that I made a mistake; but wonderful that I did learn from my mistake!

By showing the crocheted dishcloth to my sister-in-law, she was able to tell me and show me what I did wrong. She was also able to show me how to correct my mistake. You know what I did? I began working on my second dishcloth. Guess what? It looks so much better. I did error on the edge though when stitching around it, to give it some sort of design. I will continue to practice until I am able to make perfect dishcloths. I also need to figure out how to sew the end pieces inside, so that they are not knotted on the corner. Below you will see a picture of my first and second crocheted dishcloths. Check out the improvement!

Crocheted Dishcloths

crocheted dishcloth

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