Crochet, My New Hobby

How My Crochet Hobby Began

Yesterday was the beginning of my brand new hobby, crochet. My hobby began because my sister-in-law crochets dishcloths and uses them to wash dishes with. Since I’ve been at her house, I’ve been using these to wash dishes, and I absolutely LOVE them! Not only are they environmentally friendly, they do a great job cleaning and wiping the entire kitchen. The yarn is 100% cotton which means they will last, and they are washable. Do you know what this means? It means that I no longer have to buy dish scrubs that get nasty and thrown away. This means that I get to save money yet another way when it comes to cleaning. Another way? How else do I save money cleaning? Well let me tell you. I make my own cleaning solutions and my own soap. I do not buy hand soap and I do not buy household cleaners. I buy the ingredients to make my own. Send me a message via my contact link if you’d like to learn more about how I make my own cleaning solutions 🙂

Best Gift

Yesterday my sister-in-law handed me two crocheted dishcloths. I was so thrilled! These are seriously the best gifts I’ve been given in a long time for many many reasons. The idea came up that I could make my own. So, she began teaching me how to crochet. I learned how to chain, single stitch, half double stitch, and the double stitch. Then we made a trip to Walmart so that I could get some yarn of my own to practice with. I found a multi-color yarn that I really liked and it just so happened to be on sale which was a nice bonus.

My First Dishcloth

As soon as we got home from Walmart, I began to crochet my very own dishcloth. I chained 28 and began the single stitch back down. As I progressed I noticed that my lengthy dishcloth wasn’t so lengthy anymore. I looked at it front and back and realized what my mistake was. So I turned this into a dress for my daughter’s My Little Pony toy. She uses play dishcloths with a loop and places the loop around the pony’s neck as a dress. This one was the perfect size for that and she absolutely loves it!

My Second Dishcloth

I began to crochet my second dishcloth, and this one turned out much better. There are some size variances throughout, and I saw what my mistake was, and learned from it. I went ahead and finished this dishcloth and it is pictured below. This one will actually be used and I am quite proud of myself. I do know that I will get better the more I practice.

crochet dish cloth

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