About Me

My main goal for you and myself is to be healthy, fit, and to use natural products. There is too much nasty chemical-ridden stuff on the market, that is very unhealthy for our bodies! Everyday I am learning more, and want to share this information with you, as well as provide recommendations.

I have completely redone my home, my food, and my health ever since having children. I am a chemical-free fitness mom, and city gal turned country! If there’s a nasty chemical in it, it will not be in my home! Living off the land as much as possible and not relying on grocery stores is my goal. Knowing where our food is coming from, and how it is being processed, and the ingredients in it, is very important to me.

Here we have an amazing collection of workout programs, healthy shakes (chemical free), recipes, essential oils, growing your own food, raising chickens, and more.

Everything I feature and write about, I use myself. I cannot write about something if I have no experience with it, so that is why my blog is such a great resource – because I have personal experience with all of these products.

Coming Soon

At some point in the future after we move to Georgia, I will begin growing my own vegetables and herbs, raising chickens, and hunting off the land. At that time, I will begin sharing my experience, tips, tricks, and what I have learned in the process.

Stay Tuned!!

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