Almost 4 months on Keto, check out the difference!

4 month difference in photos

These pictures are not perfect, but boy oh boy, look at the difference in just my face!

Jenna_Weightloss_Keto Diet
Left = 4 months ago; Right = Now

How Did THIS Happen?

I was uploading an audition video to YouTube, and I was quite taken aback by how disgusting I look in the photo on the left. Because I saw such a huge difference in how I look now, I wanted to share this with you. Isn’t it also funny that when you look a certain way, you as yourself don’t seem to notice until you see a picture for yourself? In looking at myself in the mirror every single day, I never noticed my face was so fat. I never once looked at myself and thought, ‘wow, I look disgusting’! Of course, no one would ever tell me to my face that I looked gross, or was getting fat. I know in our society any human will take offense to being told that, but still. Sometimes we need a kick in the butt to begin a journey that will make us healthier, and do what is best for our body and health.

It is not healthy to be overweight or obese. I’m not here trying to fat-shame anyone, so please do not think that I am. I’m just sharing my own journey of trying to return to my pre-pregnancy weight. I have been trying to get back there since I gave birth to my last child in December 2012; so almost 5 years now! It took me 9 months to put the weight on, and almost 5 years to get most of it back off. How ridiculous is that?

How I Tried to Lose the Weight

The first thing I tried to lose the weight was exercise and eat healthy. That sort of worked. I got back down to 130 something or 140 something (I think I reached about 160 at my highest weight during pregnancy). Keep in mind though, that before getting pregnant, I weighed between 113-117 pounds. I’m also only 5’3″, so with such a petite frame, I’m considered overweight when I start reaching 130 something pounds. I was also taking diet pills from GNC, and they would make me jittery often. I knew at the time that they weren’t healthy for me, but I took them anyway because I was that desperate to lose the weight. No, I was not breast-feeding when I went this route. Some months after that I was introduced to this new ‘it’ pill called Skinny Fiber. I took that for over a year and I did lose some weight, but not all of it. I finally gave up on Skinny Fiber and joined Beachbody as a coach in order to receive discounts on their fitness products and shakeology. I was a coach for over 3 years then just let my account go since I was still at a stall. My weight continued to stay within the 130 range, but for the life of me, would not get below that! I was SO SO VERY frustrated! While I was a coach, I began eating clean. I didn’t gain any weight this way, but I also didn’t lose any weight either. I followed a famous person’s plan, which ended up giving me kidney problems (read about that here), so I had to quit that specific way of eating and figure something else out.

I’m sitting here eating healthy, exercising, following a plan, and NOTHING was working. I think that’s why, at my highest weight (not counting pregnancy), I had gotten up to 142 pounds. GASP! I had never been this heavy in my life (again, except for pregnancy) and that is the picture of my face you see on the left above. Being 142 pounds for me, is 25-29 pounds more than what I had been used to before kids. Now that is a lot of weight! I was a size 2, and 4 months ago I was a size 6-8. I hated my body, I hated myself for letting myself get to that point, and I was lost.

What did I do?

I began seeing a way of eating called keto. I started researching the keto way of eating and joined some groups on facebook so that I could follow the posts and see what it was all about. I was really surprised to see that keto is a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carb way of eating. Most people do not consider it a diet, because it is just a way of eating. Like clean eating, is just a way of eating. I did not start eating this way at first, as it completely goes against everything I have learned about nutrition. After about a month or so, I decided that I was going to give it a try. I had already been told by my doctor that I had to chill out on the protein (which clean-eating uses a lot of), so why not eat fat instead? Fat fills you up and curbs your appetite. Carbs is what makes you hungrier. So in that aspect, keto made sense.

BTW, I had quit eating sugar back in December 2016 when I began clean-eating. Getting rid of sugar along with processed foods (which I didn’t really eat anyway) is part of eating clean. When you begin the keto way of eating, you also work on getting rid of sugar and processed foods. Thankfully I was already a step ahead in that department. Ridding myself of sugar and processed foods was pretty easy because for the most part, I have always been a pretty healthy eater. I rarely drank pop, I didn’t snack on chips or greasy foods, and I used real food to make meals, I didn’t buy boxed meals. Some people will have a difficult time changing the way they eat, and for some, it will be easier. We are all different, so it is not realistic to expect the same results as everybody else.

current weight

To the left is my current weight of 126.5 pounds. This is the lowest I have weighed since being pregnant. I only weighed 113-117, so at some point, I weighed 126 🙂

As you see, I have lost 14.5 pounds in 4 months. That is about 1 pound per week, which is slow and steady. It is also the healthier way to lose weight because you do not want to drop 20 pounds in one week; that is extremely unsafe. Think of it this way, if you lose 1 pound per week, that is 52 pounds in a year. That’s a lot of weight! Even losing a 1/2 pound per week is great; that’s still 26 pounds a year. So let me tell you this secret… if you see someone advertising lose 10-20 pounds in 14 days or so, it’s FAKE! Like myself, I want to lose weight quickly, but I’m also a realist and know that is not the healthy way to go about it. Take care of yourself and realize that YOU are worth that!

Interested in learning about Keto?

If you’re interested in learning about and starting keto, then I recommend this eating plan , or this eating plan. If you would like to learn everything there is to know about keto first, and also get some recipes and eating plans with it, then check out this book.

The author of this book, Leanne Vogel, is also the person that designed the eating plans above that I recommended. I absolutely LOVE this book! I cannot say enough amazing things about it. Any questions I have about keto, or why eat this or that, and how certain foods affect the body, is ALL answered in this book.

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