My 3 Day Refresh Results

3 Day Refresh

I know I am posting my 3 Day Refresh results later than I intended, but life just happens and determines that you do something else instead!

Weight Results

My weight first thing Monday morning was 144 pounds. My end weight, first thing in the morning on Thursday (the refresh ended on Wednesday night, but to be fair, I needed to wait until morning to weigh myself) was 140 pounds. I ended up losing 4 pounds!

3 day refresh weight results

Body Measurement Results

My body measurements first thing Monday morning was 192.2 inches all around. My body measurements first thing Thursday morning was 187.5 inches all around. I ended up losing 4.7 inches all around my body! I am definitely happy with my results overall.

3 day refresh body measurement results

I do wish I would have lost more weight, because I am used to weighing less than 130 pounds, as you can see in the first picture where it says, “Reference Weight for Progress”. However, my reference weight was taken before I began lifting weights and getting more lean muscle, which causes you to have a slimmer appearance, but your weight is higher because muscle is more dense than fat. Although I would like to see my weight drop, it’s not as important as having a lesser amount of overall body inches.

About the 3 Day Refresh

The 3 Day Refresh is only 3 days long and helps ‘refresh’ your body. The point of refreshing your body is depleting it of toxins and other junk, so that when you begin a program, your body can adjust properly and be at its best. This significantly helps to give you better results overall. If you would like to do the 3 Day Refresh, check it out here.

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